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  Beat Rate Guarantee

Our Best Rate Guarantee assures you that the best place to shop for the best rates for our hotel is right here on There is no need to spend any more of your valuable time searching alternate travel websites to find a better deal. With our guarantee, you will not find a lower qualifying Internet rate available to the general public. If you find a rate lower than the rates shown on that is viewable and bookable on another website for the same dates, same room category, length of stay and number of guests, please contact us at (305) 279-7700. If the claim can be verified, we will honor the rate shown on the other website.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The reservation must be made on for the Kendall Hotel and Suites in order to qualify.
  2. Rate must be available to the general public and does not apply to:
    1. Negotiated/Contracted rates or group rates.
    2. Opaque rates booked on an auction site where the consumer does not know the hotel being booked until confirmation. Examples of these types of sites are (but not limited to) Priceline and
    3. Package websites or wholesale websites where room rate are packaged.
    4. Hotel package rates that include additional amenities such as meals, parking, etc.
    5. Discount rates that are offered to select groups of individuals such as Senior Citizen rates and Government rates.
    6. Rates extended to long stays over 30 days.
  3. The comparison rate on an alternate site must be found within 24 hours of booking or at the same time of booking. Each night will be considered individually when evaluating the comparison rate.
  4. The guarantee does not apply to taxes, gratuities, guest incidental charges, food and beverage charges, resort fees or any other fees you may incur during your stay.
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